February 18, 2017

Q Exteriors is proud to announce our new addition! Q Awnings!

We will be carrying a full line of retractable awning as well as stand alone awnings. Top of the line Erhardt-Markisen German manufactured awnings. As always with Q you get top of the line material and labour all at a reasonable cost! Book now for your free quote. or call 5197774178      
February 8, 2017

Some exciting news!

Welcome Sarah Latimer to our team at Q Exteriors!!! She will be Running our Tillsonburg and area division. We look forward to working with Sarah and our new Clients in the Tillsonburg area! Welcome aboard!!
January 18, 2017

Our grand opening of Q Awnings and Sunrooms is coming up!

This is the sign I am thinking about putting on the building. Please tell me what you think. Thanks! And a special Thank you to the great guys at PrintStudio 1050 Dundas st across from the old Kelloggs plant for the design of this! They are the best!!
January 28, 2016

Q Tip #2

Q Tip #2 Home AC preparation tips Clean or Replace the Filters This is the easiest and often most important step. Clean or replace your furnace or air-handler filters twice a year or whenever they begin to look clogged with dust. If you don’t, air flow will be restricted, reducing efficiency, and you will recirculate dust into your home. Clean the A/C Condenser Coils A central air conditioners condenser unit, typically located outdoors, is like a large fan in a metal box with sides that look like grills. Ideally, it is protected through the winter by a condenser cover or […]
January 21, 2016

Q Tips #1

Eavestrough Awareness ​ Eavestrough and down spouts are the types of equipment on a house that perform without much notice—until they stop working. Then it’s hard to ignore the cascades of water and flooding that can occur. When eavestrough and down spouts become clogged or fail, rainwater flowing down house walls to the foundation can cause a great deal of damage. At the very least, this water taxes paint and wriggles into cracks, contributing to the eventual decay of siding and the house’s structure. At the worst, moisture penetrates windows, invades walls, undermines foundations, and floods basements.