The roofing industry has changed a lot in recent years. Anyone with a pickup truck and a ladder who isn’t afraid of heights can call themselves a roofer. But if you trust a fly by night contractor don’t be surprised when you see your newly laid shingles blowing down the street in the first summer storm.

Southwestern Ontario offers more than just storms to test the quality of your roof. Our unique climate has very high humidity at times. We’ve selected products that can withstand the air moisture of our summers, not a dry climate.


At Q-Exteriors and Awnings, we install Iko Dynasty and GAF Timberline shingles, both of which are backed by 15 and 10-year warranties.

Dynasty shingles employ a fiberglass strip that helps seal your roof against water.

GAF Timberline shingles are an SPS based technology designed for flat roofs. You know if a product can withstand the conditions of a flat roof; heat, sun exposure, pooling water that it can handle a typical slanted residential roof.

The shingles we use are thicker heavier and larger. They offer more protection and durability.


At Q-Exteriors and Awnings, we still treat roofing like the skilled trade it is. All our installations are 100% hand nailed. We believe the tactile response of a hammer is far superior to a nail gun and allows us better accuracy.

An installation includes adding new vents and gaskets, ice and water membranes around any potential leaks, and a breathable felt paper underlayment. Felt paper is breathable and allows moisture to escape preventing mold and rot.

We finish each job by sweeping the entire site with magnets. Our nails are on your roof, not in your car tire!


Iko Dynasty shingles come with a 15-year warranty. GAF Timberline comes with a 10-year warranty. And as with all Q-Exteriors and Awnings services we back all our products and installations with a 10-year workmanship warranty.