Our Promise

Our workmanship is of the highest standards. That’s our promise. And to stand behind that promise, and we have the confidence to commit to a 10 year workmanship warranty. We want you to have confidence in your decision to upgrade or renovate, and confidence in us to do the job. No details are too small to be addressed and our educated and informed sales staff and crews are here to ensure your questions are answered and the work is done to your satisfaction. Quality and commitment to you, the home owner.


Eavestrough and down spouts are the types of equipment on a house that perform without much notice—until they stop working. Then it’s hard to ignore the cascades of water and flooding that can occur.
When eavestrough and down spouts become clogged or fail, rainwater flowing down house walls to the foundation can cause a great deal of damage. At the very least, this water taxes paint and wriggles into cracks, contributing to the eventual decay of siding and the house’s structure. At the worst, moisture penetrates windows, invades walls, undermines foundations, and floods basements.

We install heavy gauge custom extruded eavestroughs at the job site. All corners are hand mitred to create a clean finish and prolong life of the system. Our downspouts are large square downs to allow for rapid water flow down and away from the roof or foundation.

If your home is near large trees you may want to consider having Gutter Clean installed with your eavestrough. Leaves and debris remain out of eavestrough so they can function at all times. Alu-Rex Gutter Clean is the only product to guarantee your trough will not clog for 40 years!

The Gutter Clean System is made of waterproof aluminum and will not rust, crack, chip or warp. It will resist the weight of snow, ice and ladders and increases the solidity of your eavestrough. This system is designed so that the leaves and debris sit ontop of the eavestrough and something as simple as a quick gust of wind will blow them away.

All workmanship is warranted for 10 years to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind.