The doors of a house are one of the first things an observer notices when they approach your home. Try this experiment next time you are out, consciously look at a house, it can be any house, yours, your neighbour’s, just a random house you are passing by. Look at it and be aware of where your eyes are drawn to and where they come to rest. It will probably be the front door.

Doors are the crown jewels of your home’s exterior. They’re how your home makes a first impression and they can say quite a bit about who lives there. They can be modern or traditional, subtle and private or open and commanding, they can say ‘this house is a castle,’ or ‘this is a home and you are welcome here.’ When you are shopping for doors, ask yourself ‘what do I want my homes exterior to say about me?’

Entrance Doors

Q-Exteriors is proud to install KV Custom Doors, which are manufactured and assembled in Concord, Ontario, using raw materials from Canada and the U.S. Just like Q-Exteriors, they are committed to providing the highest quality product while also investing in the Ontario economy.

We chose them as a supplier because of the sheer beauty of their product and the impeccable craftsmanship they pour into each individual piece. Their doors are truly custom built and there’s no end to the options they offer. You can choose from different materials, professionally designed patterns, glass textures and levels of clarity, hardware, and colors. If your home is your castle then this is truly the door to put on it.

Of course, it’s not enough for an entrance door to look nice. With the price of energy skyrocketing and growing concern for efficiency and conservation, doors must be an entrance to your home but not a weak point in energy savings.

KV doors and windows employ the latest technology to make them an advantage when it comes to cutting down on energy loss, in warm and cold weather. From venting units that allow fresh air to enter and circulate in your home to internal blinds that block out sunlight, all KV products surpass the Energy Star High-Efficiency requirements.

Patio & Garden Doors

We use the same supplier for our patio and garden doors as we do for our entrance doors, KV Custom Windows, and Doors because they employ master craftsman in the industry.

Your home’s patio or garden door may not be on display like the front door is, but that doesn’t mean you should use anything less than the best for it. Just like their entrance doors, KV patio and garden doors are works of art to behold. But they’re also industry leaders when it comes to prioritizing energy efficiency.

In the past large glass doors were the weakest spots in your home for energy loss. In the summer they would blanket large swaths of your interior with hot UV rays, forcing your air conditioner to run longer. In the winter, standing beside one it would only take a second to realize the noticeable dip in temperature. This is no longer the case with a KV patio or garden door.


Every house is different and because of this every door installation is a custom job. When you work with Q-Exteriors our installation process begins with a free in-home consultation. During this consultation, our sales staff will educate you on the process and timeline, take measurements and discuss options to customize your new doors.

We can answer any questions to might have about how the installation or the new product will affect your energy consumption. Once all the relevant decisions have been made an order is put in with our supplier and as soon as the product is in our hands the installation process begins.

We finish each job with a detailed inspection to ensure our work meets the high expectations we set for ourselves.

New doors can make the difference in your home’s exterior appearance. They can have a significant impact on your energy consumption, but only if you hire trusted professionals and install quality products.


At Q-Exteriors we’re a little competitive when it comes to warranties. We do our best to beat any warranty on the market and our door installations are no exception. Every service we offer comes with our 10-year workmanship warranty.

We only carry products that match our warranty expectations. KV Windows and Doors are industry leaders with a lifetime warranty on every component of their products.

You expect your home to last a lot longer than a year, but a house is only the sum of its parts. Don’t settle for products or labor that aren’t backed by a warranty that will stand the test of time.