Leaf Guard

Eavestroughs are designed to do one job, transports water away from your home’s exterior and foundation. So it shouldn’t be hard to see why your house needs properly maintained eavestroughs, but what exactly does that mean? How do you maintain your home’s eavestroughs?

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Maintaining your home’s rain gutters used to mean climbing a ladder, getting up on the roof and manually clearing any blockages or debris. This is time-costly and dangerous and it needs to happen a minimum of twice a year. If you have large trees nearby it probably needs to be done more often. Possibly every other month!

There are companies that offer this service, for a significant fee and there’s a possibility your gutters could actually be damaged during the cleaning process. A ladder put up in a hurry, too much weight placed on the eavestroughs. This can damage eavestroughs beyond repair. So are you really getting a professional you can trust?

What if there were a solution that meant never trusting a costly professional to climb up on your roof again and meant you never had to climb up there and clean out the gutters either? There is such a solution and Q-Exteriors installs it!



The Alu-Rex Leaf Guard Gutter Clean is an aluminum plate that is fixed to the top of the gutter. It is perforated with tiny holes, acting as a sieve it allows water into the gutter while keeping leaves and other debris out. The leaves will sit on top of the sieve and are blown away with the first gust of wind.

In the winter the Leaf Guard Gutter Clean prevents snow from building up on your home’s eavestroughs, which stops ice from forming. The rain gutter remains empty for perfect drainage year round.

This eavestrough is installed with rubber gasket screws, sealing off any opening from the elements. No water is getting in! The added support of the Gutter Clean system also ensures your roofs eavestroughs will not warp or twist.

Of course, Q-Exteriors wouldn’t carry a product that didn’t come with a manufacturer’s warranty but Alu-Rex broke the mold when they put a 40-year clog-free warranty on the Leaf Guard Gutter Clean.

Your home is an investment, protect that investment as well as your peace of mind and safety by using high-quality, expertly installed eavestroughs from Q-Exteriors. Contact us today or stop by the Q-Exteriors showroom to see that Q stands for Quality.