After spending all day in the office or on the job site, the last thing you really want to do is come home and sit inside. Canadian summers are beautiful but short, so we’re always looking for ways to maximize our outdoor time.

What about those days when there’s no shade from a hot sun or when a light rain shower has you running for cover? How many times have you stood in the rain watching over a lit barbecue hoping the food would hurry up and cook?

You deserve to enjoy the outside of your home, condo, or cottage for more than a handful of days. QExteriors awnings provide shelter from the sun and rain while complimenting your existing exterior aesthetics. Adding an awning can lower the temperature on your patio by an astounding 20F.

The Awning Solution

Imagine adding an entire room to your house, where a cool breeze circulates, with the perfect amount of sun, and instead of the hum of appliances, you hear birds chirping. A room with a truly uncompromised view. This is exactly what you get with a custom awning from QExteriors.

QExteriors only installs Erhardt Markisen awnings that are produced in Germany by a company that has been in business for over 80 years.

Adding beautiful living space to your home isn’t the only advantage. They also block harmful UV rays, a leading cause of skin cancer.

No more searching for shade, or rushing to move chairs when a shower rolls in. With an awning, you can enjoy the outdoors more often and after a long Canadian winter, you deserve it.


With more than 200 fabric colours, QExteriors’ design experts can customize awnings to match the existing style of any home, cottage, condo, or business. Our list of optional add-ons includes:

  • Rain-sensing technology that will automatically retract motorized awnings if they collect too much water,
  • Wind sensors that will automatically retract motorized awnings if wind speeds become unsafe,
  • Drop shades to add more shelter and privacy,
  • Motorized or manual retraction,
  • Fire retardant fabrics,
  • Business names, logos, slogans, and colours can be reproduced flawlessly on our fixed commercial awnings.

We install retractable awnings that range in length from 5ft to 23ft and our aluminum pan awnings and fixed commercial awnings can be designed to be much larger.


QExteriors awnings not only benefit the outside of your home but they also positively impact the inside. By diverting sunlight away from windows an awning blocks 75% of the of the sun’s solar heat. This can reduce the temperature of your home up to 15F, lowering your air conditioning costs by up to 25%.

QExterior uses only the highest quality products. Our residential retractable awnings are shipped from Germany while our commercial and A-frame awnings are manufactured right here in Ontario.

This doesn’t mean our awnings are out of reach for the average homeowner. Come by the showroom with a budget in mind and we will do our best to make sure you walk out with a product you will be satisfied with.


Our fixed A-frame commercial awnings offer businesses extra shade from the sun and shelter from the rain but they’re also the perfect solution for exterior signage. More professional and secure than a sandwich board, but less costly than lightbox signs awnings bring a sophisticated charm to a business’s storefront.

We can print business logos, slogans, and colours onto the awning fabric through a process known as sublimation printing. The design is dyed directly into the fabric, not an adhesive so it will never peel.


Looking for a way to improve the exterior of your condominium without infringing on condo board bylaws? Many condominium boards don’t allow the addition of permanent structures and many are very particular about the outward appearance of the condos. However, awnings are often allowed because they do not permanently alter the exterior of the structure.

You deserve to enjoy your home, cottage, or condominium’s outdoor area during the summer months. At QExteriors, we focus on ensuring our customers get what they want on time. Contact us today or stop by the showroom and you will see that Q stands for Quality.


When you shop with QExteriors not only are you purchasing products of the highest quality but also the service of skilled tradespeople trained to strict standards. This is important because installing an awning is not a simple task. An improperly installed awning can cause property damage as well as serious injury. We begin with a free in-home consultation where we let you know when the installation will take place and how long it will take. 


QExterior awnings comes with a double backed 10-year warranty. We only sell Erhardt Markisen awnings, which lead the industry in warranty and quality. In the event, anything goes wrong with your awning, simply contact us and we will inspect the awning and take care of the rest. With QExterior awnings, you can rest easy knowing your awning is produced by a company that has been in business for over 80 years and installed by a business that has over 10 years’ experience.