Your home’s siding is like your body’s skin and it serves a very important purpose – protecting what’s inside from what’s outside. But just like your skin has an element of beauty, siding brings beauty to your home’s exterior.

Siding can transform a home’s appearance in days. New siding can rejuvenate your home by decades and make it the crown jewel of the neighborhood while protecting it from wind, water, snow, and sun.

At QExteriors and Awnings, we install aluminum and vinyl siding from two different suppliers, both meeting our high standards of quality. We carry a number of different styles of siding, from longboard to board and batten to insulated, we can match any style you want.

Royal Building Products

Royal Building Products has been in business for over 40 years and has maintained their commitment to quality the entire time. They manufacture siding in a number of different styles, including their insulated line Haven, their cellular composite line Celect or their tried and tested Estate product.

If you believe your home is your castle than Royal siding is what you deserve.


For over 40 years Kaycan has been a leader in home exterior innovation. They are committed to sustainability and quality and employ the latest technology to meet these commitments.

Kaycan’s vinyl siding uses their Helios technology, which protects the color of the siding from fading in the sun.


At QExteriors and Awnings, our fascia and soffit are supplied by the same companies as our siding, Royal Building Products, and Kaycan. This allows us to perfectly match the colours and styles.

We only use heavy gauge fascia that is custom-cut and bent on-site. This ensures the fascia is not damaged in transport and fits your home perfectly.

QExteriors installs soffit that is vented the entire length of your roof. A properly ventilated roof allows airflow which will help with temperature control and prevent ice damming. Ice damming occurs when the peak of your roof is warmer than the base. Snow at the peak melts but as the water rolls down your roof, it freezes to ice at the base. The issue compounds over time as more ice forms. Ice dams can damage your roof and eavestrough.


We only carry products that have a minimum 10-year warranty. We also guarantee all our workmanship for 10 years and we believe the products we use should last that long as well.

Royal and Kaycan siding are both backed by a manufacturer’s 10-year warranty.